Target Your Retirement is an interactive program that helps near retirees develop a reasonable plan for maintaining their standard of living in retirement. With user inputs, the program calculates an income target and estimates how close the user is to hitting it. Target then lets users adjust three powerful levers – controlling spending, working longer, and tapping home equity – to help meet their goal.

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I help my clients achieve their dreams and give them confidence in their retirement —

I can show you how to maximize your retirement plan, here are a few areas that I cover:

  • Approximate your income and budget to meet expenses
  • Customize investments and manage your portfolio to meet your goals
  • Project future cash flows and plan for the impact of inflation
  • Assess insurance policies to make sure that they meet your financial goals
  • Maximize Social Security
  • Determine whether to take a pension or choose a lump sum

If you need help with any of these areas, please contact me or schedule an appointment.


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