I can help you replace the security of your paycheck through careful wealth planning. Once I understand your options such as investments, Social Security, annuities, and any possible pensions, I can craft a plan that will help you gain more confidence in your retirement.

I optimize retirement income by carefully selecting investments that generate above average income. Having a CFA designation, which is a credential that is widely regarded in the global financial industry for its rigorous focus on current investment knowledge, analytical skill, and ethical standards, you can gain comfort that I have the knowledge to manage your portfolio.

I am one of the few financial planners in the area with both a CFP® and CFA designation. I am also a National Social Security Advisor. Social Security is very complex topic that is misunderstood by many professionals.

I do not sell Annuities but believe that they are appropriate only in special circumstances. My belief is that financially engineered products are not the answer to solving your retirement needs. My focus is on wealth planning and tailoring your plan based on your unique circumstances and values.

I conduct a complete assessment of your financial objectives and life goals before developing a comprehensive plan. I continue to monitor and adapt your plan as your life changes. As a fee-only advisor, I can provide wealth planning that is appropriate for your personal circumstances.