In my wealth management practice, I work with an extensive network of outside professionals who complement my services. My financial advice can help you build your financial plan and manage your investments.

Here is how my financial advice and wealth management practice has helped my clients:

  • Improve the Asset Allocation of their portfolio
  • Analyzed cash flows to meet retirement & life goals.
  • Provided tax & estate planning advice by leveraging my professional team.
  • Created retirement plans which have given my clients the confidence that they will not outlive their assets.
  • Helped implement philanthropic plans.
  • Conducted insurance analysis to determine the most appropriate polices.
  • Offered free education planning and helped parents with funding plans.
  • Constructed portfolios that fulfill personal values such as socially responsible investing.
  • Stock Option advice to executives and business owners. You can learn more about this service here.
  • Helped sudden wealth recipients who may have received life insurance proceeds, gained an inheritance, sold a business, rolled over a retirement plan, exercised stock options, won a large lawsuit, or hit the lottery.

I can help you set goals and answer your questions which will give you the confidence that your on the right financial path. A sample of the questions that I have recently answered for my clients are:

  • Have I saved enough for retirement?
  • How long do I need to continue to work?
  • How can I provide and protect my family?
  • Can I afford the rising cost of healthcare?
  • Should I take a lump sum from pension?
  • How do I rollover my IRA?