I can help you invest your wealth through active investment management.

Portfolio & Investment Management

I provide highly customized portfolio management that is tailored to your risk tolerance, goals, and values.

I design strategic asset allocations based upon your specific needs. By taking a goal-based approach to investment management, I can align your investments to help meet your goals. Your portfolio will be customized to meet your individual needs. I do not chase market returns and stocks but rather take a disciplined, long-term, and individualized approach to investing with a strong emphasis on risk management. I believe the heart of successful investment management is the preservation and steady growth of capital.

You’ll benefit from my 17 years of professional experience and disciplined value approach. I am a patient, long-term investor who believes that diversification and  active portfolio management can help lower volatility and increase returns.

I utilize an investment process which includes initial discovery, development of a customized Investment Policy, implementation, monitoring and rebalancing, and reporting and ongoing communication.

You can learn more about my investment process here.