The Constant Guidance Financial Process:

Financial Plan

1) Examine Your Current Financial Situation and Goals

I will meet with you to learn and define your needs, anticipated cash flows, goals, and risk profile. In addition, I take into consideration your values and general feelings towards investment. I will evaluate your total financial picture by reviewing insurance policies, trusts, employee benefit options, social security, pensions, and any other financial products.

2) Develop a Financial Plan that is Tailored to Your Goals and Needs

I will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive plan that will align your investments to your goals. This plan typically covers asset allocations, goal setting, long-term estate planning, insurance needs, tax planning, and most important, continuous risk management.

3) Establish Proper Legal Structure and Legacy Planning

I complete your financial plan by working with an extensive network of outside professionals such as accountants, insurance agents, and attorneys who complement my financial services. I can also work with your existing financial relationships to execute the most appropriate strategies for you. I always consider how best to protect your assets from taxes and any unforeseen liabilities.

4) Analyze Taxes, Evaluate Investments, and Provide Recommendations

I always consider potential taxes and embedded taxable gains. I determine the appropriate asset allocation by identifying specific investments that will support your strategy.

5) Implement Plan and Construct Portfolio

I will build a customized portfolio tailored to your risk profile, liquidity, values, and goals. I take into consideration anticipated cash flows, time horizon, and your risk tolerance.  I use the risk profile that I create from your financial plan to construct a portfolio that aligns to your risk level.

6) Monitor and Update Your Financial Plan Periodically

I will actively monitor and manage your portfolio on a daily basis. My investment philosophy is to evaluate investments and proactively make shifts to your asset allocation in an attempt to capture opportunities or avoid risks that I see in the current market environment.  I will keep you informed on a timely basis so that you can remain comfortable with your investments and progress toward your goals. I continue to assess risks and will adjust your portfolio accordingly to market shifts and your changing personal circumstance.