7-Point” Free Portfolio Review

I offer a “7-Point” free portfolio review that determines if you are:

  1. Paying too much in fees

  2. Making investments that offer you the best risk/reward payoff.

  3. Generating the most income from your investments.

  4. Properly balanced and diversified.

  5. Taking too many investments risks.

  6. Investing in something that is inappropriate for you.

  7. Minimizing your taxes

Here is my investment credentials and professional experience:

  • 17 years investment experience analyzing portfolios – Worked at Wellington Management and Pioneer Investments

  • Currently help over 120 clients and manage over 200 individual portfolios

  • Actively manage $26mm in total client assets

  • Analyzed Model Portfolios at Fidelity, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, LPL, UBS

  • CFA charterholder since 2003

  • MBA from Bryant University

  • Certified Financial Planner™