As your experienced partner, I will recommend an investment strategy that fits the needs of your firm and your employees. I have the technology and experience to create a well-balanced investment lineup that offers broad diversification across asset classes. My investment recommendations are based on a rigorous quantitative and qualitative evaluation process. I will constantly guide you to help you fulfill ERISA’s 401(k) fiduciary requirements.

My role as independent 401(k) Consultant and Advisor enables me to:


  • I provide your plan participants with the investment guidance to make them feel
    confident about their investment decisions as they pursue their goals.
  • I will work with the plan participants individually to determine their unique
    investment objectives, risk profile, and time horizon.

Design Plan

  • I take the time to understand your goals, administrative needs, and objectives to design or enhance a retirement plan program that will provide your employees with the greatest value.
  • I will work with you on employer contribution strategies, eligibility issues,
    and compliance with legislative changes.

Manage Investments

  • I recommend an asset allocation model that is suitable to your participants risk profile.
  • I provide continuing education to retirement plan participants to make certain
    that they understand performance, expenses, and plan objectives.
  • I follow a formalized process that includes all documentation of investment
    decisions, fund performance, and fund changes.

Follow Plan Compliance

  • I follow a formalized process that includes all documentation of investment
    decisions, fund performance, and fund changes.

Offer Low Plan Expenses

  • I offer full transparency of low cost investment options that have relative low expenses.

Benchmark Fees

  • I ensure that you plan’s fees and expenses are reasonable compared
    to the level and quality of services provided.

As a 401(k) Consultant, I follow the Standards of Care –

  1. Serve as an advocate
    Act exclusively in the interest of participants and beneficiaries
  2. Serve as a “Prudent Expert”
    ERISA rules require that plan sponsors possess specific, relevant knowledge, and are liable for documents which it is governed
  3. As your trusted partner – Our primary focus is on helping ensure that your plan delivers the investment options, services, and overall value participants expect.

I have earned the Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®) designation. This means you can feel confident that this approach is based on:

  • Understands the basis for, and benefits of, fiduciary standards of excellence
  • Identify the legal standards that require fiduciaries to prudently manage investment decisions
  • Best practices and the fiduciary role
  • A commitment to standards of investment fiduciary excellence


My goal is to provide you fiduciary consulting services when developing, implementing, and monitoring an efficient retirement plan package for your participants.  I will always demonstrate prudence in my investment decisions. At all times,  As a 401(k) consultant, I maintain compliance with ERISA and with the Universal Fiduciary Standards of Care.

Invest with confidence with Constant Guidance Financial.

I’ll work hard to earn your trust as an advisor or strategic partner in structuring investment solutions that address your evolving financial goals.